Pekingese Care Made Easy

The Pekingese is a dog of noble lineage. These dogs came from China and were the standard pet for the Emperor and the other nobles during the Imperial dynasty; this is mainly because these dogs have a close resemblance to that of the Chinese lions that were considered to be the spiritual guardians in their culture.

Pekingese have a very noble and authoritative air about them not only in their appearance, but as well as their general demeanor and attitude. They demand a lot of attention and pampering; this attitude of theirs is sometimes one gripe about them because they have a tendency to be very jealous of their owners who do not tend to their needs or pay attention to them. But this particular trait has made many owners to do away with their Pekingese. Often times, the owners who cannot stand the clingy nature of some of the Pekingese would resort to abandoning their Pekingese -rescue is then necessary in order for these dogs to survive.

Most Pekingese rescue offices are not just necessarily limited to pounds and kennels; there are also establishments that aim for Pekingese rescue specifically. These institutions do not just house the rescued dogs, but they also tend to the dogs needs be it food or shelter. These said Pekingese rescue centers give importance for the dogs the rescued to be adopted in a home that would take good care of them and not just abandon them like their previous owners.

That being said, one should be ready for the responsibility of taking care of a pet, especially taking care of a dog that has a high degree of commitment and patience such as the Pekingese. Getting a grasp of what to do and what not to do when taking care of a Pekingese is essential so that the dog as well as the owner would foster a well-developed relationship of dog and owner. Aside from patience and commitment, dedication is also vital in taking care of the Pekingese things such as training, socializing ones dog takes a lot of ones time, but if one desires to have an obedient, friendly canine companion, one has to be diligent and devoted in the dogs upbringing.

The Pekingese is a dog that needs an owner that is patient, devoted but also stern and commanding a balance is needed so that the dog knows who’s the boss.

Pekingese Rescue Hints & Tips

Yes, there are a lot of dogs to choose from, when considering to get a new pet. Rather than buying an expensive dog from a breeder, why not rescue a dog?

Looking for the Pekingese. If you are on a search and looking for an adorable Pekingese to rescue, you can’t find them on eBay, really. Perhaps, you can check different animal shelters online to see if they have rescue Pekingese for you. Or, you can look for number of animal shelters on your newspaper, on the classified ads section. Or, you can go to different pet stores, and ask around if they know any place where you can rescue a Pekingese for yours to keep. They would usually know where to lead you to find what you need. Just take your time and look for an animal shelter, or an animal rescue organization that you can get a Pekingese from. Remember, you’re not just getting an adorable pet while you are there, you will also be saving a precious life.

Taking care of the Pekingese.  Once you are done with the searching part, and have taken or rescued a Pekingese, you can now take them home and take good care of them. In order for you to do so, you must first ask about the dog that you’re getting when checking out of the animal shelter or when you get the dog from a rescue organization. Make sure that you ask about their previous medical conditions, if any. Also, make sure to ask about any physical injuries that the dog has or any other issues that the dog may have. Asking and having those important sets of information can help you better understand your dog, which would allow you to properly take care of the Pekingese once it is already in your care.

Some things to consider doing around your Pekingese, when they are already in your care, are to not smoke around them. Why? Because, just like a baby, their respiratory system is quite sensitive and they could have complications if they are constantly surrounded by smoke, or any chemical cleaning products, allergenic pollens and other things that could damage their respiratory system. Also, since they are quite sensitive, make sure that you regularly visit a vet, to make sure that your Pekingese is in tip-top shape.

Make your adorable Pekingese happy. Make sure that you groom your Pekingese, as they constantly shed. Also, since they are known to be possessive with their toys, make sure that they do have their toys around with them, to make them happy. Because frankly, if they are happy, you’ll be happy too!

Be patient with them. Just like having a little kid around, the Pekingese can get to your nerves sometimes. But, just be patient with them and both you and your adorable pet can get along fairly well. Just make sure that you show them that you care for them, and make sure that they are happy, so that they won’t bother you that much.